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    Walk and Roll Wednesdays at Glennwood

    Glennwood Elementary is a partner in the Safe Routes to School program. This is a national program that was created to encourage more children to walk, bike, or ride their scooters to school. It is so exciting to see that many Glennwood students already walk or roll to school on a regular basis! We hope that everyone will choose to do so on the seven official Walk & Roll Wednesdays this year: 


    Sept 5th
    First Walk & Roll of the Year
    October 10
    International Walk & Roll to School Day
    November 7
    December 5
    Holiday Walk & Roll
    March 6
    Georgia Walk & Roll Day
    April 10
    May 1

    Walking School Buses

    We will have three “walking school buses” operating on the days listed above. Parents and children who want to join in the fun and walk with a group are welcome to participate. Those parents who are unable to walk or roll due to schedule conflicts may drop off their child at any of the bus stops listed below and volunteers (in bright orange vests) will walk with your child to school. Walkers only, please! If your child wishes to ride a bike or scooter to school, please make other arrangements. Walking school buses will be cancelled if it is raining, and we will NOT have Walking School Buses in the afternoon. Please make sure that your child has transportation home after school.

Walking School Bus Schedule
  • Parent Volunteers Needed
    Parents serve as the walking school bus leaders. Each route requires 2 to 3 parents each month. Please consider signing up as a regular (every month) or occasional (have your name placed on a list to be contacted as needed) walking school bus leader. It is a small commitment, but a wonderful way to help your own and other children to participate in the fun of the monthly Walk and Roll days and to benefit from the exercise.


    Marbles, Extra Recess Time, Themed Walks
    We will continue our tradition of handing out marbles to students who walk, bike or ride a scooter to school on the monthly Walk and Roll days. Students will take the marbles to their classrooms, and then at the next Community Circle we will gather all the marbles to determine if enough have been collected to earn extra recess time. This year we are going to make things even more fun by giving students an opportunity to earn an extra marble! Each Walk and Roll day will have a theme that will be announced during Community Circle the week before. Students will be asked to participate in some way to earn an extra marble.


    Contact Info for Walk and Roll Coordinators 

    Marishyl Ford - marishyl@gmail.com 

    Ingrid Rogan - ingridsrogan@gmail.com


    4 Fantastic Reasons to Walk and Roll to School

    • It Creates Less Traffic and Pollution: Auto emissions are the leading cause of chemicals known to cause cancer, asthma, and other diseases.
    • It’s Healthy: Physical activity helps build healthy bones and muscles, strengthens the heart and lungs, and aids in weight control.
    • It’s Good for Your Brain: Exercise helps improve your mood and increases your ability to learn and retain information. 
    • It’s Fun: Walking, biking or riding a scooter to school can be an adventure for kids, and it’s a great opportunity for parents to talk with their children and other parents.