• Walk & Roll Events
    Westchester’s official Safe Routes Champions (familiarly known as the BikeDudes) encourage students

    and caregivers to make an extra effort to participate in a monthly “Walk and Roll” event.

    These events will usually occur on days when we have Community Circle (usually last Friday of the month).
    The Bike Dudes use a variety of incentives (extra recess, small prizes) and entertaining (sometimes) skits to get kids excited about using active
    transportation to get to and from school. We invite ALL to participate in our first walk and roll of the 2023-2024 school year on September 1st !

    There are so many reasons to walk and roll to school:

     It eases congestion and lessens pollution!

     It’s healthy! Physical activity helps build healthy bones and muscles,
    strengthens the heart and lungs, and aids in weight control.

     It encourages lifelong healthy habits

     It’s Good for Your Brain: Exercise helps improve your mood and


    increases your ability to learn and retain information. 

     It’s Fun: Walking, biking or riding a scooter to school can be an
    adventure for kids, and it’s a great opportunity for parents to talk with
    their children and other parents.


    Westchester Walk & Roll 2023-2024

    Friday, September 1
    Friday, September 29

    Friday, October 27

    Friday, November 24
    December 15
    Friday, January 26
    Friday, March 29
    Friday, April 26
    Friday, May 17
    Contact Info for Westchester Safe Routes Champions: