School Overview

  • College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center (CHECLC) offers comprehensive services as a public school for children birth to age five.  The school was founded for the purpose to close the achievement gap by providing a high quality early childhood program for all children. The importance of early intervention and a supportive learning environment in the early years along with the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive setting to provide this intervention are priceless benefits for the children that attend College Heights, as well as their families and the community as a whole.


    College Heights currently has 335 students enrolled using multiple funding streams (general fund from taxpayers, tuition from parents, Head Start, Early Head Start, federal special education, Decatur Education Foundation scholarship funds, and Georgia lottery for pre-K).  CSD partners with Community Development Institute (Head Start) to provide forty-five (45) slots to economically disadvantaged and/or children with special needs in learning environments that ready children for their transition to kindergarten.


    College Heights offers services to children, 3 to 4 years old, who have a variety of special needs.  The preschool special education program is inclusive with the regular preschool/Pre-K program. We believe that including children with special needs in regular preschool classrooms offer them the opportunity to model the social, language and play skills needed to succeed in school.  The toddler, preschool, and Pre-K inclusion classrooms enrich the lives of all children by bringing them together in an environment that teaches acceptance, respect, and the appreciation of individual differences.