• Parents receive written and verbal progress reports during the school year. Progress reports are intended to keep parents informed of their child’s growth and development.  Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled, one in December and one in May. 


    During conferences, student developmental profiles will be shared with parents to show the student’s progress made during the first half of school year.  Teachers will offer ideas on how to support and enhance a child’s academic experience. Parents are welcome and encouraged to arrange additional conferences with their child’s teacher at any time during the year.


    All children receive a developmental screening within six weeks of entering the program.  The formal assessment points are cumulative and occur twice a year, allowing 90 days between the pre- and post assessment.  Developmental assessments of all children occur in their natural learning environment in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria, and other learning areas in the school.  Student assessments are based on a collection of the following data: 

    • The Preschool Evaluation Scale (PES) is used with all children (birth to Pre-K).  The PES collects data in the developmental areas of physical, expressive language, cognitive, adaptive behavior, and social-emotional development.
    • Work Sampling Online (WSO) is used with all Pre-K children and is an ongoing assessment based upon observation of student’s academic performance and behaviors.  The teacher observes and records data in the following areas: language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, creative expression, social-emotional, and physical development. 
    • Get Ready to Read, revised is used with all preschool and preK students to collect data on early literacy development. 


    Parents will be informed of the assessments being conducted on their child and will have the opportunity to provide input at anytime concerning their child. Student assessment records are electronically recorded in the City Schools of Decatur student information system, Infinite Campus, and used to assist in determining overall program effectiveness and to guide the school improvement plan.