• RMS CLUBS FOR 2021-2022

    Club Sponsor(s) Description When/Where
    Art Club Sarah Nathaniel
    Chris Kanne
    Join the Art Club if you love making art, or just love art in general! We’ll cover a wide variety of materials, projects, and topics. If you just want to come hang and talk about art, that’s okay too. All creatives and art lovers welcome! Art Club will begin after fall break the week of Sept 22 on Wednesdays 3:45-4:45pm. Reminders will be included in the weekly eblast as well as the morning Bow Wow. Contacts: snathaniel@csdecatur.net and ckanne@csdecatur.net
    Asian Culture Club Melody Yoo ACC’s main goal is to provide a safe space for the Asian students at Renfroe. In the club we will talk, do projects, and learn about Asian culture! Feel free to just stop by and chat with us if you’re interested!

    Timing: The first meeting will be on Wednesday, September 8th, from 3:55 to 4:45. It will be held in Ms. Yoo’s room.

    For more information, please contact Minh Nguyen (82minhnguy@csdecatur.net), Anushruti Ram (19anusram@csdecatur.net), or Maddy Yoo (66madeyoo@csdecatur.net)


    Band Honors Ensemble Christine Kraemer Invitations to the Honors Ensembles will be sent during the first trimester. These Instrumental ensembles meet before or after school and work with professional musicians in the Atlanta area. TBD
    The Bulldog Bulletin Vanessa Reid
    Charlie McAdoo
    Ben Skillman (DHS)
    Are you a budding journalist? Do you love to write? The Bulldog Bulletin, Renfroe's own newspaper, just may be the club for you! Working with students from Decatur High School's journalism program, Bulldog Bulletin members will research and write stories about the happenings in and around Renfroe Middle School and share that work with their community. This is a new endeavor so it's a great opportunity to be part of something special. Put on your reporter's hats and let's get the story! TBD: Email Vanessa Reid at vreid@csdecatur.net for more information and Google Classroom access.
    Coders, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors Club Lisa Primack Are you interested in starting a business, learning to code, or designing an invention? Come to this club to network with your peers, share ideas, and get inspired on your path towards making the world a better place by sharing your gifts and talents! TBD contact: lprimack@csdecatur.net
    CSD Cycling Club Lisa Johnston Do you like to enjoy Mountain Biking, Road Biking or just crusing around Decatur? If so, this may be the club for you. We have a shared Strava account so we can track each others progress and routes. Rides: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month @ 4:30-5:30 meet at RMS Bus Lane. Google Classroom Code: 3quzrfs - check here for more information. Email: ljohnston@csdecatur.net if you have questions
    Debate Club Vivian Dawson/Tommy Sharp The RMS Debate Team competes in the Atlanta Urban Debate League, which partners with Emory University.
    It is an activity that encourages civic participation and community engagement through public speaking.
    New members are welcome to join.
    Informational meetings during the week of August 15th. Starts September 13th.
    Email vdawson@csdecatur if interested.
    Drama Club Walter Magnuson, Karen Ehmer Drama Club Welcome Letter attached Wednesday mornings 8-8:35, please read the attachment.
    Dungeons & Dragons Molly Randall, Will Starkel This club meets weekly to play Dungeons and Dragons! Open to all skill levels! The club will likely meet in person this year. We will have an interest meeting the first week of September to form groups and go over expectations. We are holding an interest meeting the first week of September. Email Ms. Randall or Dr. Starkel with additional questions!
    Engineering Club John Schellenberg Have an idea for a project, but don't have the tools, the space or the skills to make it happen at home? Come to Design and Engineering for hands on building and mentorship around your project. Or if you just like making things, come try some new techniques or machines with adult supervision. 1st and 3rd Wednesday after school (3:30pm virtually) Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    French Club Kailyn Deutrich French Club aims to be a space where students can explore French and Francophone culture and offers an opportunity for students to hone their language skills by engaging in fun, after-school activities. Students engage in francophone culture by listening to music, playing games, participating in trivia tournaments, as well as, exploring film, food and holidays! We may also do some virtual visits to museums, francophone countries, and landmarks. TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    GENTS Charlie McAdoo
    Johnnie Stroy
    Christian Earl
    Melvin Ratcliff
    The GENTS, which is an acronym for Gentlemen Excelling with the Necessary Tools for excellence, is a social club for young men at Renfroe Middle School. The group teaches young men accountability, increases student attendance, leadership skills, promotes equity, creates a culture of belonging within school, and facilities and positive interactions among its members and the school community. TBD by club members. Emaiil jstroy@csdecatur.net if you are interested.
    Geography Bee Liz Williams
    Ian Driver
    Students train together for the National Geographic Bee. We start off with games to help learn some of the commonly asked questions, and move towards competing individually and in teams with actual questions from past Bees. TBD by club members. Email ewilliams@csdecatur.net if you are interested.
    German Culture Club Heston McCranie, Jennifer Mcnulty, Beth Kostka The German Club welcomes any and all students who express interest in learning about the German culture (the people, the history, the customs, the language, international relations, etc.). The first and foremost goal of German Club is to promote German cultural awareness by providing educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to members to enjoy German-related events at RMS and also in and outside the Atlanta area. We want to give members the chance to express their views and concerns on German-American relations within and outside of our community. Another goal is to meet and plan for local and state events and competitions. TBD - please fill out the google form if interested you may also email the club sponsors with any questions!
    Girls On The Run Sarah Coleman
    Kristan Jacobs
    Girls on the Run Starts in Spring
    Girls Who Game Summer Clayton Vashonda Bolton The club will provide an opportunity to learn more about gaming, build STEM skills using Minecraft as a learning tool, and gain insight into STEM career opportunities. Research shows that 74% of middle school girls who participate in STEM clubs and activities say they are likely to study computer science in high school. Starts in Spring
    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

    Ben Lynch

    Tammie Willis

    Do you love to read and talk about books?

    Are you interested in becoming part of an awesome team at Renfroe?The RMS

    Reading Bowl team is forming now for competition in February 2022. 
    Meet other students who love books and reading. Participate in FUN practices and competition. 

    To find out more, email Mrs. Willis at tammie_s_willis@yahoo.com.

    Competition is in February 2022.

    Meeting Schedule: TBD.

    History Club Lisa Johnston
    Kurt Collins
    History Club is a place where students will be able to share their common interests in historical topics and to engage in social and intellectual exchange. The goal is to promote historical awareness, intellectual inquisitiveness and appreciation for historical events that are not typically discussed in the classroom. 1st Meeting: Thursday, August 19 @ 3:50 - 4:30. Google Classroom Class code:
    bfvgqx6 for more details.
    I Am Second Club Westley Philippi I AM SECOND. What does that even mean? Our world constantly puts out the message that “To be great you must be first”. But what if it’s the opposite. What if to be great we actually need to become second. The I Am Second club is a weekly gathering of students centered around this one idea . . . choosing to live a life second to God. Get encouragement and leadership from other students who are also trying to live out following Jesus in their daily lives. Experience the profound effect living second can have in your school, relationships, work ethic, thinking, emotions, and so much more. This club is student-led and student-organized. More info here. . . check out to see the resources this club will use.
    When/Where Section:
    Friday mornings from 7:45 - 8:30 in the gym
    First meeting TBD
    Please email Coach Philippi (wphilippi@csdecatur.net) or Mrs. Collins (bcollins@csdecatur.net) for any additional information
    Irish Dance Club Susan Carroll Do you ever want to dance along to some Irish beats but don't know how?
    Then come join our Irish Dance Club!
    In this club we will learn all the basics of Irish dancing.
    No experience necessary! All you need is something comfortable to wear and sneakers.
    For both boys and girls!
    Email club sponsor(s) if interested. TBD. scarroll@csdecatur.net
    Junior Beta Club Vivian Dawson By invitation only. Informational meeting October 2021. Email vdawson@csdecatur.net if interested.        TBD (November 2021)
    LEGO Stop Motion Animation Sarah Lee Do you love LEGO? Do you like to spend time building fun creations with your bricks? In this club, we use stop motion apps to help bring our ideas to life and we share them with each other. It's a fun way to collaborate and share with other students who also love LEGO. TBD - start in September
    Math Counts Club Karen Flowers
    Johnnie Stroy
    Math Counts Club offers engaging, challenging, and creative problems for students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving. TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    No Place for Hate Dana Jackson This is a club for students to learn about how hate begins, spreads, and what we can do to stop it. We will be working towards maintaining our designation as an official No Place For Hate School. https://www.adl.org/who-we-are/our-organization/signature-programs/no-place-for-hate TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    Poetry Club Dr. Dawn Bolton
    Alexis Glenn
    Poetry Club will provide a safe place for students to creatively express themselves through spoken word. Students will have opportunities to practice, share, and perform their work. Students may also choose to participate in the Stacey "Mama Daniel" Annual Poetry Slam in the spring. TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    RMS Tech Ambassadors Robyn Tibbetts
    Ben Lynch
    Becky Tussey
    RMS Tech Ambassadors are students at every grade level who make the commitment to help Renfroe students, teachers, and parents become better users of their technology. Regularly meet weekly to discuss changes, updates, or just something awesome about technology. TBD - based on convenience of members. Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    Science Club - 8th grade only Nicole Blakemore
    Beverly Beyer
    Science club is a group for 8th grade people that love science and can't wait to learn more. During the quarantine, we'll meet with scientists from around the US and world. You'll hear about research in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, astronomy, earth science, microbiology, women's health, etc... all while getting to ask the questions that come to you. When we return to the building, we'll focus on anatomy & physiology through some lecture-style lessons and cat dissections! TBD - contact Ms. Blakemore if interested (nblakemore@csdecatur.net)
    Shalom Kids Casey Boersma Shalom Kids allows middle school students to build community and learn about dynamic Jewish culture in relevant and meaningful ways. Students will have the chance to engage in an activity led by a local Jewish educator on some aspect of Jewish culture, whether that is learning about Jewish holidays or doing a short community service project related to Jewish values. The club will be open to all students, regardless of religious and cultural identity.  
    Sociedad Hispánica de la Amistad Barbara Botta
    Amanda Guske
    The purpose of the Society is to promote cross-cultural acceptance and understanding in students enrolled in a Spanish class, and to encourage service to school and community. Members participate in projects in the areas of ambassadorship, service to school, and/or service to the community. Students have fun while building interest and helping others. TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    RMS Spring Musical David Hirschorn Spring Musical: "Newsies" Broadway Junior - Auditions will be held in December, 2021 in the chorus room with rehearsal January through April, 2022 and a performance in April, 2022.  
    Stock Market Game Liz Williams Think you are stock market whiz? Just want to learn more about investing? In this club you will compete in teams investing an imaginary $100,000 in the stock market. You are competing against others teams in the state of Georgia. TBD - based on your input. Contact ewilliams@csdecatur.net if you are interested.
    Yearbook Kim Boswell
    Lisa Johnston
    Jill Fields
    Bridget Vaughn
    We need students from 6th, 7th and 8th grades to put their collaborative and creative minds together for the 2022 RMS Yearbook. Do you like taking photos, making captions, being organized, being a part of something the community will enjoy for years to come...then sign up to part of the team creating and documenting a year at Renfroe. Sign up today!
    Young Activists Club Ashley McCullough Young people are looking for ways to engage in the challenges of our time in meaningful ways. This is an oppotunity to come together, dicuss and create solutions for issues that affect humanity and the world, and empower others to do the same. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, organized citizens can change the world." ~Margaret Mead TBD Email club sponsor(s) if interested
    Young Ladies of Excellence
    Alexis Glenn
    Emily Lucas
    Kristi Robinson
    Reba Ricks
    Young Ladies Of Excellence is a social club for 6th, 7th & 8th grade Renfroe Middle School girls. The club is designed to build leadership and promote healthy self-esteem of adolescent girls through mentoring, community service, educational/social events and career development opportunities. UPDATE-Meetings are suspended during virtual learning