Tamara Sinkfield, School Nurse

    Tammara G Sinkfield


    I am Nurse Sinkfield, and I’m proud to announce that I have been your school nurse for over 10 years (07-08 was my 1st year here). I was raised in the East Lake community, attended school in the Atlanta Public School system, and graduated from Georgia State University with a BS in Nursing. 

    Besides school nursing, I have practiced in several hospital settings and home health care, but school nursing is by far my favorite. And especially middle school where your students come in as rapidly growing children and leave as budding teenagers.

    I’m here daily during school hours and can be reached by email at tsinkfield@csdecatur.net or by phone at 404-370-4440 ext 3228. I look forward to a safe, healthy, and happy school year. 

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