Renfroe School Counseling Department

    Ragan Hudson  
    Ragan Hudson
    6th Grade School Counselor
    404 370-4440 ext 5019
    Room 2203
    Dr. Michelle Yancey
    7th Grade School Counselor 
    404-370-4440 ext. 5020
    Room 2101
    Ms. Q
    Qushon Taylor-Bertram (Ms. Q)
    8th Grade School Counselor
    404-370-4440 ext. 5032


    We have a new method of connecting with your grade level counselor this year. 

    Please complete our RMS Counseling Referral Form linked here when/if you need to reach out to Ms. Hudson (6th grade), Dr. Yancey (7th grade), Dr. Turner (8th grade), or our RMS Student Center Counselor, Ms. Shields.

    This form will be available for all students, staff members, parents, and community members. We look forward to working with you this year!



Introducing the Decatur Student Center @ Renfroe

  • The Decatur Student Center (DSC) will provide wrap around services in collaboration with the school counseling program.    

    The Decatur Student Center at Renfroe  is a part of the K-12 initiative to address the needs of students, pre-K through 12th.  Programming needs will be determined through surveys, data review and student voice. By empowering the voice of students and providing students with wrap-around services that meet the needs of all students, the DSC at Renfroe will provide  high interest, well-managed activities of exceptional quality to all students. The Decatur Student Center will provide services through contracts with therapists, organizations, as well as through collaborative programs with community partners.

     S Shields

    Sabrena M Shields, LMSW

    Student Center Counselor


Decatur Student Center Staff

Decatur Student Center Staff
  • Left: Fonta High, LPC, NCC, MAC, CPCS, CSD Part-time Therapist for RMS and DHS; EMDR Therapist

    Center: Jacob Dreiling “JD”, APC, NCC, MS, CSD Full-time Therapist, Play Therapist, Certified AutPlay Therapist

    Right: Sabrena Shields, LMSW Student Center Counselor



    Fonta works with adolescents from middle to high school treating a variety of mental health challenges from anxiety and depression to adjustment issues, substance use, interpersonal challenges, and difficulty managing stress to support students’ academic success and overall well-being.

    JD works with kids of all ages using toys, art, and/or talk to facilitate social or emotional growth.

    Sabrena collaborates with staff & teachers to provide assistance to students, co-facilitates small groups, provide individual & group counseling, counsels students coping with the stress and challenges facing middle schoolers.