• The faculty and staff need your assistance in providing a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal. Please do not bring dogs on campus during arrival and dismissal times for the physical and emotional safety of the students. We respectfully request that you follow the procedures listed below:

    7:30 Front door opens; Buses arrive; Breakfast is open
    Car riders and walkers enter through front door (all students walk directly to the cafeteria)
    Car riders enter the drop-off/pick-up line from Avery.
    Do not get out of the car. Teachers are on duty to assist and keep the line moving quickly
    Please stay off cell phones while in car rider line
    7:50 Walkers entering the front door from 7:50 to 8:00 can go directly to class (First bell)
    Faculty and staff will supervise the hallways and ensure that students get to their classrooms. We are asking parents to allow their child to develop personal responsibility by allowing them to go to their class unassisted.
    If you need to go beyond the lobby, please check in at the office and get a visitors sticker
    Students go to classrooms from cafe
    Families and students are to use crosswalks & obey crossing guards
    If you drive from home and then walk up to the school, please do not park on Avery from the school to Bucher, on Bucher, or on Poplar Circle. Do not block mailboxes, crosswalks, driveways, etc.
    Families say goodbye at the door
    Stay off cell phones while in car rider line
    Staff members will be on Avery directing cars exiting car rider line
    8:00 Front doors are closed (second bell). Morning announcement begin
    Students arriving after 8:00 must enter through the front door and go to the office for a tardy slip
    Please note that changes to your child's regular dismissal plan require a written note (best) or a phone call by 1:30 to the main office. Please do not send an email.

    2:25 Dismissal begins for Bus Riders and After School Programs
    Staff will escort students from the class to busses and vans
    Cars enter the drop-off/pick-up line from on Avery St behind the buses.
    No cell phones in car rider line
    2:30 Walkers and car riders dismissed
    Staff will escort students to the front yard of school
    Families wait out front for students to exit the building in front yard or in cars behind the buses on Avery
    Staff and family member will make contact before student is released from the group
    WP staff will bring students directly to cars in carpool line.