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  • Junior Media Specialists have varied responsibilities. They will adopt a set of shelves and be responsible for keeping the books neat and in order on a weekly basis during a time that has been approved by their teacher. They will create how-to documents and videos about how to use technology, media center procedures, etc. Students must demonstrate responsibility in the classroom, keep up with their school work, and be recommended by their teacher. 


    Book Clubs - Students can join a book club at the end of August. This year, we will have three choices. Students may join our standing Newbery Book Club, where we read books that have won the Newbery medal or honor in the past. The Newbery Book Club will meet once a month after school and might require the purchase of the titles to read. The second club is the Galley Book Club, which is a combination reading/writing book club run with Little Shop of Stories. Students will have an opportunity to read advance copies of not yet published books (called galleys), write reviews, and have those reviews posted as shelf talkers in Little Shop! Our third club is also a virtual club, the Mock Newbery Book Club. Students will read the best books of 2019 and evaluate them as possible winners of the 2020 Newbery Medal. Click the picture below to go to our Book Club website and learn more.

    Book Club

    Reading Bowl Team - 5th graders have the opportunity to join our reading bowl team. Students must sign up before the end of the school year to participate in the next year's team. This team is a competition team and you will need to "try-out" to make the team, since we are only allowed to have 10 members on our final team. Click the picture below for more detailed information about the team, how to try-out, and how to sign up.