Ms. Zeff and Ms. Siver
  • Our library is a welcoming place for all.  We value a love of reading, responsible use of technology, and work very hard to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and inquiry as our students grow up to become independent learners.

    Some of the features of our library program include:
    • A warm and inviting space that helps to nurture a love of reading and books.​
    • Supporting age-appropriate technology-based tools to support instruction.​
    • A flexible learning environment that encourages the pursuit of personal interests through reading and research.  Many of our books are organized around topics that are of interest to our K-2 students.  
    • Activities for students that foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. We provide students opportunities to innovate and create through imagining, tinkering, playing and experimenting.​
    • Support for curricular goals and objectives, as well as student achievement through collaboration with teachers.​ 
    • Providing resources for families to help support reading at home, technology use, dealing with the challenges of technology, and other relevant topics.