• Why Physical Education?


    Research shows that sedentary lifestyles lead to a variety of diseases including Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.

    Association Between Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and Obesity: Inactivity Among Active Kids


    Students who are physically literate are more likely to be physically active. 

    What is Physical Literacy?


    Physical activity improves brain function.

    Physical Exercise Beefs Up the Brain


    What our Physical Education program is all about

    No more gym class


    Teaching SEL in Health and Physical Education

    The benefits of teaching SEL




    Program Overview

    Glennwood Physical Education prepares students for a lifetime of physical activity through the development of psychomotor, cognitive and personal-social skills, as well as heath related and skill-related fitness components.


    Our Program

    Includes a clearly written curriculum that aligns with National and State Standards and provides sufficient equipment and adequate facilities to allow each student to benefit from maximum participation as well as optimal practice and learning time to accomplish the goals of the curriculum.


    K-12 Grade Level Outcomes for Physical Education

    • Is taught by a trained professional, certified in physical education, who serves as a positive role model of personal health, fitness, skill and in the enjoyment of participating in physical activity.
    • Assures experiences and instructional strategies that allow for the inclusion of all students, regardless of ability or disability, gender, race or ethnicity.




    Additional Resources

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