• Welcome to Art Class!


    Welcome Parents and Friends to the Glennwood Elementary Art Room Page!

    On this page, you will find updates of happenings in the Art classroom.

    Portfolios are underway!
    Students are working hard in the art classroom to create their visual art portfolios. Students are learning how keeping a portfolio promotes responsibility in learning, keeping all of their projects safe and in one place, referencing to past learned experiences, and promote their future endeavors with their artwork.

    Portfolio1    portfolio2    portfolio3  


    I am so excited to start out my second year at Glennwood, my fifth year overall as an Art educator. 





    Connecting core learning techniques with other subjects and implementing the new EL Education model with Visual Art

    Actively participating to develop creative solutions to obstacles encountered during projects

    Challenge fine motor skills to implement excellent craftsmanship at appropriate age level

    Students are able to apply their skills and knowledge to real world experiences and to see relevance to their learning

    One does not have to be good at drawing to be considered creative, and that a person can be creative in many aspects of life!

    Participate with members of the community in Artistic endeavors, promoting local artists, exhibitions, museums, etc. 


    Artist of the Week

    Each week, one student is selected to become Artist of the Week. Artists are selected when they demonstrate excellent effort, display high quality craftsmanship, and strive to reach their artistic goals. I look for students who respect art classroom supplies and collaborate with their classmates. It is important for students to not fear making mistakes, and to problem solve in order to overcome those obstacles.

    Eagle          ArtistoftheWeek