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    In the Glennwood art room, we will journey into self-expression, a broader understanding of the world around us, and learn to use a visual language by which to express our ideas, thoughts, and feelings. 
    Our art room is a place where there is no right or wrong answer. I hope to create a non-competitive, non-judgemental space where each child feels safe to create and take risks while receiving specific feedback. 
    We will explore materials, make messes, learn about art history, and explore the works of both renown and local artists. 
    Research shows that if you draw what you are learning about, you will learn it much faster and retain the information much longer. Additionally, there is research to support a 20% increase in reading, writing, math, and language skills for students who are exposed to a comprehensive art program.
    Much like learning to read words or music notes, there is an "alphabet of shape." (https://monart.com/mona-brookes/)