• ¡Bienvenidos al rincón de español! 




    Welcome to Glennwood's Spanish Program!



    • Did you know that Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world?  
    • Did you know that your child is a valued part of education at its best by being a student enrolled in this exceptional program? 

    What exciting news for you and your child!


    • Georgia's children need second language fluency in order to be competitive in the 21st century.
    • Foreign language study can increase children's capacity for critical and creative thinking skills.
    • Children who have studied a foreign language in elementary school achieve expected gains and score higher on standardized tests of reading, language arts and mathematics than children who have not studied a foreign language.

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    Program Overview

    • The long-range goal of the program is to produce fluent users of Spanish by successfully articulating the program in grades K-12. This year in our 6 days schedule rotation, we have  4 Spanish lessons. Students receive 30 minutes for each class in Spanish. 
    • The lessons are taught 90% in Spanish.
    • Activities in the Spanish classroom parallel and support regular classroom instruction and EL Education.

    Program Guidelines Related to Curriculum                             

    • Help learners to clarify meaning and express understanding without translation
    • Provide learners with a rich target language environment that includes extended listening opportunities such as narration, description and explanations
    • Provide learners with meaningful concrete experiences, making extensive use of visuals, props, hands-on activities and technology
    • Present vocabulary in chunks and in context rather than as isolated words or lists teaching around a themed unit lasting between four or six weeks
    • Seek ways to include meaningful culture content in every unit
    • Use songs and rhymes to reinforce meaning and practice language using culturally authentic versions whenever possible
    • Assess learner progress frequently using a variety of assessment    
    • Our program focuses on teaching listening and speaking skills in kindergarten and first grade. In second grade additional to teach listening and speaking skills we focus on teaching pre-reading and writing.
    • First grade classes explore similar themes and vocabulary as the kindergarten classes do.  However in first grade we provide further enrichment to their vocabulary, and they begin simple sentence structure in all four areas of language
    • In second grade we review previous vocabulary while practicing skills of description, comparing, contrasting, and map-reading                                            


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