Student Clubs Overview

  • In addition to a rigorous academic schedule, students are involved in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Like the academic program, student activities are driven by student leadership and participation. Students spearhead all the clubs and activities at DHS. We encourage students to pursue their passions, and faculty and staff are here to help facilitate that process.

    Current Clubs can be found here:  Clubs

    Interested in starting a club?  You have until Feb 9th to complete the following steps:

    1. Identify a faculty member who agrees to be the club's official sponsor.
    2. Complete this club proposal document -
    3. When you have done these two things, send the proposal to Dr. Parham ( and Ms. Sturm Barber (  They will review it and give you suggestions for improvement if needed.
    4. Once reviewed, Dr. Parham and Ms. Sturm Barber will provide you with the next steps, which include setting up a meeting with the Principal and the club sponsor to pitch the club to the Principal.
    5. The Principal will make a decision and inform you, the sponsor, Dr. Parham, and Ms. Sturm Barber of the decision.
    6. If approved and all of the above is concluded before the school handbook for the current year is finalized, it will be an official club for the school year.  If not, there will be a school activity and a club the following year.