• Glennwood Elementary School Leadership Team
    The Glennwood Elementary School Leadership Team (SLT) is an elected committee consisting of Glennwood parents/guardians, staff members and other personnel. The SLT is focused on school governance, student achievement, and family engagement. Some of the responsibilities of this team are to:
    • Develop and approve the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and monitor the continuous school improvement planning process
    • Determine the allocation of the school's instructional and technology budget
    • Review student achievement data
    • Recommend and support school needs to the CSD Board of Education during the annual budget process
    • Help with the interview process of potential GL employees
    The SLT would like to hear from GL parents and community members with concerns, suggestions, and ideas to make Glennwood a great place to learn for all of our students. Please contact any one of us at any time.

    Current representatives:

    Dr. Holly Brookins (GL Principal)

    Summer Clayton (Assistant Principal)

    Jill Tolsma (Staff)

    Marnie Kaplan (Staff)

    Courtney Simon (District Rep)

    Lisa Loveall (Parent)

    Lauren Wattenmaker (Parent)

    Sarah Jones (Parent)