Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Curtis Armour, Jr.

Greetings Students, Parents, Community Members and Supporters:


“We are THE CREW, we are not passengers, we’re on an expedition into the unknown, we lead the way, exploring as we go. We live and learn, we share and serve, we are THE CREW!”


Welcome to the virtual home of Clairemont Elementary School; home of the Mighty Bulldogs!  We are excited and humbled that you are considering or have decided to join our family.  Our dynamic staff and diverse student body coupled with the support of our community sets us apart as a school that not only develops students into solid academicians but prepares them to be compassionate, empathetic, and caring change agents in our society as a whole. 


Our students begin and end each day participating in crew meetings where they discuss topics that lead to their overall understanding, acceptance, and celebrations of their differences.  Each Friday, our students participate in Community Circle where they showcase the best of themselves, their peers and their teachers.


Our 2022-2023 theme is “Empowering Generations to Promote Equity and Justice.”  We are confident that we have the tools necessary to provide the quality instruction and social-emotional development that is sought by our conscientious student body. With success comes challenges and, with each day you can be assured that our students are persevering and achieving their individual and collective goals. Whether it is a daily classroom lesson, learning expeditions, or on the playground; our Clairemont Crew stands arm-in-arm as we learn together with our heads, hearts, and hands.


Yours in service,


Dr. Curtis Armour, Jr.


Clairemont Elementary School