• Every principal would like to believe that their parents, students, or staff would readily approach them with any race or equity-related concerns. But the reality is that many such concerns go unreported until it’s too late. Here at City Schools of Decatur, we want to make sure that all families, staff, and students have the opportunity to feel safe, seen, and successful. Part of creating such an environment means providing safe ways to report any equity concerns that may emerge. Below, CSD’s Equity and Student Support Department shares answers to some FAQ’s regarding equity concerns at CSD. This information includes steps that employees, parents, or students can take to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed.


    How should I handle a racist incident at CSD?

    I think my teacher/administrator is being racist, what can I do?

    Racism and other “isms” aren’t just things that happen “somewhere else.” Unfortunately, they can happen right here in the halls of our school, within the confines of our academic departments, and throughout our city, state, and country. “Isms” are sometimes purposely inflicted by strangers, other times unconsciously by well-intentioned colleagues and friends, and, most influentially, systemically.

    If you believe you have experienced racism (or any other ism) at CSD, it is imperative that we investigate and address your concerns. We encourage you to share your experience with your school’s principal.

    If you are uncomfortable contacting your administrator, and you need more help:

    •   Contact the Equity office by completing the form at this link.
    •   If you prefer to remain anonymous, use the form at this link.


    I think a curricular material is racist (ableist, sexist, etc.); how do I complain?

    Depending on the material, there are varied ways to lodge a complaint. Please start by sharing your concern with your school's administrator or media specialist who will assist you from that point forward.


    I think I have a Title IX or Title IV complaint. What should I do?

    The following links exist to connect the community directly with CSD's Department of Equity & Student Support regarding title IX or IV violations



    • Report Title VI Concerns Here




    • Report Title IX Concerns Here




    Community communication is invaluable and we want to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your thought(s) with your school’s administrator or the E&SS department.


    It [Culturally Responsive Teaching] is about understanding students’ home life, their language, music, dress, behavior, jokes, ideas about success, the role of religion and community in their lives, and more. It is bringing the experiences of their 24-hour day into the seven-hour school day to give them information in a familiar context. (Kopkowski 2006, p.1)