Staff Vaccination Information

  • CSD has partnered with the DeKalb County Board of Health to administer COVID-19 vaccines to our employees. We will communicate time-sensitive updates directly to staff via email, and we encourage staff to check this page regularly for updates. We will do our best to indicate which items below are changed and when those changes are occur.
    Although PreK-12 educators and staff are eligible for vaccination, vaccination events are contingent on vaccine availbility in our county. We will share updates via email, building/department administrators, and this website as soon as there are updates to share.



  • This Q&A was initially posted the evening of March 2 and last updated March 18. We moved Q&A specific to the March 26 vaccination event to the bottom of the page in case there's a need/desire to look up that information.


    Where and when will subsequent vaccination events occur? - Updated March 25

    The time and location of any subsequent vaccination events has yet to be determined. If the DeKalb County Board of Health is able to support a local vaccination event, we would host it at one of our larger campuses.


    Can I still pre-register at MyVaccineGeorgia or pursue other ways of receiving a vaccination? What if I still need my second dose of Pfizer or Moderna? - Updated March 26

    Absolutely. Since our March 13 BOH/CSD vaccination event, the BOH has not provided any actionable information about a possible second event, so we encourage staff to take advantage of any other vaccination opportunities. We have received numerous anecdotal reports that the state vacciation website ( and the sites listed below are increasongly offering opportunities for second-dose Pfizer or Moderna injections.


    Where can I learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations and the process through which they were approved? - Updated March 11

    The CDC has provided answers to frequently asked questions about the vaccines here. The CDC has also provided an overview of COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Facts available here. Additionally, CSD hosted a webinar with four local medical experts about vaccines, vaccinations, and vaccine hesitancy. The recording is available here for staff logged in with their CSD G Suite account.


    Are staff required to get a COVID-19 vaccination?

    Employees are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


    Are students required to get a COVID-19 vaccination? - Updated March 12

    Decisions about which vaccinations students must receive to attend Georgia public school are determined by the Georgia Department of Health, and we have not received any clarifying or actionable information from them on this topic. Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is approved for individuals aged 16+ and the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are approved for individuals after 18+.


    What will CSD do to protect my private health information?

    We will use the DeKalb County Board of Health’s systems to record and store health information. All vaccine administrators are bound by statutory and ethical requirements to protect the privacy of the people they treat.


    Who in CSD is making decisions about planning staff vaccination events?

    The vaccination planning team consists of Courtney Burnett (Director of Community and Government Relations), Matthew Damico (Security Coordinator), Dr. Lillie Huddleston (Executive Director of Equity and Student Support), Eston Melton (Executive Director of Information Services), Shonda Moore (Lead Nurse), Sergio Perez (Executive Director of Operations), and Adena Walker (Director of Staff Support). CSD is coordinating its efforts with the DeKalb County Board of Health’s department of Community Health & Prevention Services (CHAPS). 


    Whom has CSD consulted in planning for vaccination events?

    We have done listening sessions with representatives of the Teacher Advisory Council and members of several schools’ equity teams (the latter to specifically isolate race to ensure we are fully supportive of all employees). We have received feedback from both certified and classified employees.


    Is CSD offering additional incentives for staff to get vaccinated? - Updated March 9



    What if I have a question or concern that isn't addressed above?

    You can use this Form to submit questions/comments.



    The following items were specific to the March 13 CSD-Board of Health vaccination event. We are keeping them here for staff reference. None of the items in this section have been updated since March 12.


    How will I register to get vaccinated for the March 13 event? - Updated March 12

    The DeKalb County Board of Health created a registration page specifically for CSD staff. We emailed that link and other registration information to CSD staff at 12:30pm Friday, March 12. The SurveyMonkey vaccination “interest” form sent via email on February 22 & 25 was NOT a registration form.


    Where and when will the March 13 event occur? - Updated March 11

    Our first vaccination event will occur Saturday, March 13, in the main large parking area of the Doraville MARTA station. The nearest "official" address is 6000 New Peachtree Road, however the entrance to our event is ~150 meters southwest, at an entrance to the parking complex. This map marker pinpoints the entrance.


    What do I need to bring March 13? - Added March 12

    1. The QR code emailed to you after you finished registration
    2. Your insurance card
    3. Proof of CSD employment, such as your staff ID, a current paystub, or current employment contract
    4. A completed hardcopy of this consent form


    Who is eligible to receive a vaccine March 13? Can I bring my family, students, etc.? - Updated March 12

    Vaccinations will be available for CSD employees, including active substitutes, pod facilitators, in-person activity coaches, and contract employees who meet the criteria for “close contact” with students or staff. If you are uncertain whether you meet those criteria, please contact the Staff Support department at 404.371.3601 x1014 or We cannot offer vaccinations to students, volunteers, community members, parents, etc. Community members who are otherwise eligible to be vaccinated can locate vaccination sites and other resources provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.


    Will this be a drive-in or walk-in event? What should I expect when I come to my vaccination appointment? - Updated March 9

    It will be a little of both: you will drive to the vaccination site and check in with uniformed personnel who will verify your registration. You will park your car in a designated location, and then walk into one of two vaccine administration tents. After being vaccinated, you will return to your car for a minimum of 15 minutes of observation. If you have a history of adverse reactions, you will be asked to wait up to 30 minutes. If you are unable to drive to the site, you can reach it via MARTA and do the 15-minute observation on-site before departing.


    What should I wear when I get vaccinated? - Updated March 9

    As always, wear an appropriate cloth or other tight-fitting face mask and secure it over your nose and mouth. (Refer to the CDC's guidance for additional information.) Wear loose-fitting clothes that make it easy to reach your upper arm, such as a short-sleeve shirt or loose jacket. Vaccinations will be administered in a large space and does not have changing facilities.


    What will I need to bring when I get vaccinated? - Updated March 9

    A physical hardcopy of this consent form (hardcopies of which will be made available at all CSD sites), driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID, insurance card, and verification of CSD employment. Verification can take the form of your staff ID badge, a 2020-21 paystub, or your employment contract.


    What vaccine will CSD staff receive March 13? - Updated March 9

    Staff vaccinated at the March 13 event will receive the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The DeKalb County Board of Health reports that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being allocated for educators, and they expect that employees will also receive that vaccine at subsequent events.


    I got injection 1 of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and Saturday would be a good time for the second injection. Will it be available? - Added March 12

    No. The Board of Health will only have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine available March 13.


    Who will administer the vaccine March 13? - Updated March 9

    A CSD nurse or a DeKalb County Board of Health nurse. All nurses administering the vaccine will be certified by the DeKalb County Board of Health in advance of administering vaccines. We are incredibly proud that all CSD nurses have been certified by the Board of Health to administer the vaccine! 


    Can I take a picture or video of myself getting vaccinated March 13? - Added March 9

    We’re glad you’re excited about getting vaccinated! To maximize how quickly we can cycle people through the vaccine event and to maximize your colleagues’ privacy, we ask that you not record pictures or video of your vaccine administration. We are working on providing CSD-specific stickers for vaccinated staff to wear, and we’d love for you to take a picture of those once you leave the vaccination area!


    Will there be enough vaccines for all interested staff at the March 13 event? - Added March 9

    The Board of Health is providing as many registration slots (i.e. vaccination opportunities) as they can given limited vaccine supplies in DeKalb and the time it takes to safely process each patient through the vaccination process given available personnel. The Board of Health has already begun scheduling a second vaccination event in the near future in case registration for this event exceeds their capacity.


    Will I need to pay anything out of pocket when I get vaccinated March 13? - Added March 9



    Why is the March 13 event being done in Doraville? - Added March 9

    The Doraville location is at the strong urging of the Board of Health, whose personnel have significant recent experience managing vaccine events in multiple venues. Specifically, this is due to the logistics involved with transporting, preparing, and protecting the vaccines. The Doraville location also allows us to receive additional staffing from the Board of Health to administer vaccinations, manage traffic, provide site security, check people in, and record vaccination data in the state health system. We understand this is outside the city limits and might present a challenge to some staff. The Doraville vaccination site is near a MARTA station, and staff can walk on-site from the MARTA station if that is their preferred option.


    How are you ensuring the vaccine is safe and kept at an appropriate temperature on March 13?

    The DeKalb County Board of Health is storing vaccines in their secure facilities. A county nurse will bring the vaccines to the CSD vaccination site(s) at the beginning of each vaccination event and will ensure they remain secure and safe to use.


    Why is information about the March 13 event coming to us so last minute? - Added March 9

    We are sharing information with staff as quickly as the Board of Health can provide it to us.