• (Work permits are only needed for students 15 years old or younger.) 

    Work Permit Procedure:

    • Once the minor initiates and completes their Data Info portion(Section A), a code (MSK) is generated. 
    • The Employer uses that code to complete their section (B). 
    • Then the School Issuing Officer, Ms. Regina Shipp-Jones (rjones1@csdecatur.net) should be informed of the MSK # by the Minor/Student or the Employee via email. 
    • The School Issuing Officer will then log-in to GDOL Portal to process the work permit. 
    • The School Issuing Officer will email the student/family of completion.  
    NOTE:  When City Schools of Decatur is closed for breaks (1 week in April, June, July, November, and 2 weeks in December), work permits will not be issued by DHS but will be completed as soon as we have reopened after the break.