• (Work permits are only needed for students 15 years old or younger.) 

    Work Permit Procedure:

    • Once the minor initiates and completes their Data Info portion(Section A), a code (MSK) is generated. 
    • The Employer uses that code to complete their section (B). 
    • Then the School Issuing Officer, Ms. Regina Shipp-Jones (rjones1@csdecatur.net) should be informed of the MSK # by the Minor/Student or the Employee via email. 
    • The School Issuing Officer will then log-in to GDOL Portal to process the work permit. 
    • The School Issuing Officer will email the student/family of completion.  
    NOTE:  When City Schools of Decatur is closed for breaks (1 week in April, June, July, November, and 2 weeks in December), work permits will not be issued by DHS but will be completed as soon as we have reopened after the break.  The district calendar can be found at https://www.csdecatur.net/Page/2