Guiding Principles

  • Students

    CSD places students at the center of all decisions by agreeing to the following:

    • CSD exists to provide all students with the highest quality education possible.
    • Students learn best when they are safe, engaged, and empowered to learn with highly trained teachers who facilitate students becoming leaders of their own learning.
    • One size does not fit all. Learning experiences must be designed to meet the needs of individual students while challenging each student to reach the next level of success. For most students, this means attending school in-person with their teacher and peers.
    • A continuous improvement cycle must be used in all aspects of the district to ensure the highest quality of education is maintained over time.
    • CSD will mitigate risks to the greatest extent possible, so students and families can make the most appropriate family decision. 


    CSD is committed to: 

    • Mitigating risks to the greatest extent possible.
    • Recognizing one size does not fit all. Employee needs must be examined individually, so each staff member feels their needs are met. This is accomplished through the accommodation process.
    • Providing PPE for staff.
    • Continuing to meet with the Teacher Advisory Council regularly to gather input and feedback to ensure the teacher voice is equally at the table.
    • Going above and beyond federal and state leave acts to ensure staff do not lose sick leave days.


    Mitigation and Transmission

    CSD recognizes:

    • We cannot control mitigation in the community.
    • We can control mitigation in our school.
    • Schools are not a major venue for COVID transmission, where effective mitigation is in place.
    • CSD has and will continue to implement highly effective mitigation strategies.
    • Cohorting is an important mitigant we can implement K-5 at this time.
    • Students learn best alongside peers with a teacher in the room with them.