Learning Options

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Learning Options

  • We will expand our in-person and virtual learning options for students on January 19, 2021. A modified schedule that reduces the hours students spend in school has been developed. This modified schedule allows us to control the number of students coming to school each day. We know the modified schedule is not perfect; however, we feel this schedule addresses the learning needs of our students while being mindful of several of the biggest safety concerns with bringing students back to in-person learning. The key points of the modified schedule are listed below by grade band, as we know that what works in elementary schools may not work in a high school setting.  Also, please note that a full virtual option will remain a choice for students. In order to match teacher accommodations with students that select virtual learning, it may be necessary to reassign classes for both virtual and in person. 


    In-Person Learning  

    Pre-K Modified Schedule

    • Students attend school in-person in small cohorts at least two full days a week, and Wednesday will be a virtual learning day for all Pre-K students. 
    • Class sizes will be limited to no more than 15 students per class to ensure appropriate social distancing can occur.
    • At-home activities will be provided for students to complete when they are not attending in person.

    K-2 and 3-5 Modified Schedules

    • Students attend school in-person in small cohorts for up to 4 hours each day for core academics.
    • In-Person class sizes will be limited to no more than 15 students per class to ensure appropriate social distancing can occur.
    • Asynchronous activities will be provided for students to complete when they are not attending in person.
    • Specials classes will be delivered virtually. 
    • Students will not eat lunch or breakfast at school but can pick up grab and go meals to eat at home.

    6-12 - Virtual Learning Only

    • Continue with current schedules Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
    • Adding instructional hours on Wednesday

    Full Virtual Learning Option

    We have heard from our community that there are many parents who wish to continue with a full virtual option. In order to accommodate this request, CSD will be offering a full virtual learning option for those that select this option. We have summarized what the full virtual learning option will look like here by grade band.

    Virtual Pre-K

    100% Virtual Platform- Parents will continue to have the option of keeping their students in a 100% virtual format. Virtual classrooms will continue to follow the current virtual instructional model.  A balance of synchronous and asynchronous instruction will be provided, teachers will continue the 1:1 family check-ins, and students will attend their virtual classroom Monday-Friday. Take-home materials will be provided to supplement instruction. 

    Virtual K-5

    • Virtual learning students will be grouped by school and/or class to the greatest extent possible.
    • The hours students spend in synchronous learning in the virtual learning environment will remain consistent.
    • Students may have a different teacher assigned for their academic classes.


    Wellness Wednesday

    Grades K-5

    • Wednesday will become an instructional day for all students.

    Grades 6-12

    • Adding targeted enrichment and remediation opportunities
    • All students will have synchronous learning hours

    All Students

    • Due to the shortened holiday week, January 6 will be an instructional day
    • The last Wellness Wednesday will be January 13


    Support Programs - Early Intervention Program (EIP), ESOL, Gifted, Section 504, Special Education (IEP), and Title 1  

    CSD will continue to provide support services to eligible students. Some of the service plans and schedule of services may need to be adjusted based on whether the student is attending school via the modified or virtual learning schedule. Some teachers and service providers who work with students in multiple grade levels may continue to provide instructional support virtually to avoid interrupting the student cohorts.  


    Hybrid C Phase:
    While we do not have a specific date for when we will move to the next phase, we will continue to monitor community spread and health agency and government guidance to determine when to further expand in-person learning. Hybrid C Phase will add in-person learning opportunities for students in grades 6-12. 

    We hope to bring back groups of 6th through 12th graders within a few weeks of elementary students’ return. Additionally, DHS and Renfroe will communicate further with families opportunities for small groups of students to participate in small-group clubs and activities, mental health check-ins, and academic supports.

Learning Choice Survey Results

  • Below is a summary of the total counts of those who completed the Learning Choice Survey that was open before winter break. (Updated 1/5/2021)

    *Response to the learning choice survey was only required for PreK- 5 students