Symptom Screening

Student Screener

  • Parents must screen their child(ren) daily for COVID-19 symptoms.  A simplified graphic ( summarizes the daily screening steps that parents need to evaluate each morning before sending their child(ren) to school. 

    By sending their child(ren) to school, the parents are confirming that their child has cleared the COVID-19 screening criteria.

    Student Screener

Parent Compact

  • Parents of each student attending in-person will be required to sign a COVID-19 Compact acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

    • Mandatory mask-wearing and consequences for non-compliance

    • Daily monitoring and screening of child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure

    • If a child becomes sick at school, they must be picked up within one hour

    Schools will communicate how to sign and return the compact. 

Staff Screener

Protocol for Staff and Student Illness During the School Day

  • Students:

    • Evaluation by School Nurse
    • If a student presents with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, parents will be called for immediate pick-up
    • The student will remain in the Get Well Soon room until picked up


    • Notify supervisor to arrange supervision of students, if applicable
    • Leave as soon as possible
    • Contact healthcare provider
    • If the staff member is unable to drive home, the principal or designee will contact their emergency contact or call 911 if appropriate