We look forward to welcoming many of our students back to Renfroe Middle School and Decatur High School.


    The window for making the Learning Choice for your Renfroe child is now closed. RMS staff are in the process of calling all nonresponders to determine your choice. If you get a message from RMS, please call us back.

    Since approximately 60% of RMS students chose the In-Person learning option, Renfroe Middle School will use Schedule A. Below are the details pertaining to Schedule A.


    Schedule A Overview

    In-person students are divided into two groups. 

    Each group has in-person learning two mornings, for ELA, Math, Science, and I & S classes, and virtual learning two mornings for the same subjects. All morning classes are taught concurrently. In person students take World Language and Connections classes virtually in the afternoon, not concurrently.


    Virtual students take World Language and Connections in the morning, then ELA, Math, Science, and I & S in the afternoon, all virtually and no classes taught concurrently


    Wednesday mornings RMS offers Advisement and two help sessions to all students virtually


    Schedule A: F2F Schedule A Video

    Schedule A: Overview