• Program Information:



    0-3 Program:  Your child must be at least 6 weeks of age.  We currently have a waitlist for our 0-3 tuition-paying program. However, we encourage parents to submit a waitlist application. In order to submit a waitlist application, you must submit two (2) proofs of the City Schools of Decatur residence and a $50 waitlist fee. We begin the registration process for each academic year in late February. If your child is offered a spot for enrollment, you will be provided an enrollment packet which must be submitted to the front desk along with a $50 enrollment fee.


    Pre-K program:  Your child must be 4 years old by September 1, in order to be eligible for the Pre-K program.  Between the months of February and March parents must complete and submit an online Pre-K application (www.csdecatur.net).  A lottery is held in March to determine children awarded pre-K slots. Children not selected during the lottery will be placed on the waitlist.  Any parent registering for pre-K after the March lottery must visit the school and submit a hard copy of the registration packet. Please email Cynthia Andrews for additional questions regarding pre-K enrollment. 


    Required Documentation for Enrollment: Parents must provide a certified birth certificate from the county or country where the child was born, proof of the child’s immunization (DHR Form #3231), two proofs of residence in the City of Decatur, picture ID of the parent/guardian, and a copy of the child’s social security card. 


    Waitlists: CHECLC maintains a 0-3 and a Pre-K waitlist for each program.  We give sibling preference on the waitlist and a 10% discount on the 2nd child (and any additional child) when both children are enrolled in the 0-3 program.  The discount is applied to the older child enrolled in the program.  Children enrolled in the preschool program at College Heights and the Frasier Center at DHS automatically matriculate to the Pre-K program the following year.