• Online Spanish classes with Lita will be stored here on the College Heights' website. In these lessons, kids will review numerous, colores, frutas, and animales.

  • April 13, 2020

    Hola familias,

    Our last Spanish unit of the year is Animales de la granja (Farm Animals).  I have condensed this unit into 4 lessons to introduce the following key Spanish vocabulary: la vaca (cow), el caballo (horse), el perro (dog), la gallina (hen), los pollitos (chicks), el cerdo (pig), el gato (cat), el gallo (rooster), la oveja (sheep) and el pato (duck) and el burro (donkey). Please go to the Vimeo links for each weekly lesson. 

    Your children may want to view each lesson more than once.  Without a recording studio, the visuals are not the best.  I use a lot of props in the classroom so, to facilitate their learning, your kids may enjoy a scavenger hunt around the house to find stuffed animals, toys and books of farm animals.  

    I have also provided the 2 songs and reading of Oso café, oso café so that the kids can enjoy them over and over again.  They will readily learn the names of the farm animals with the song Mi tío tiene una granja (My uncle has a farm).  And Josefina la gallina (Josefina the hen) is a great physical workout and so much fun! 

    It has been a great pleasure to teach Spanish to your young children this year.  I pray that we are all blessed with health, stability and sanity and look forward to the day when we can all resume our “normal” daily life.