School Safety and Emergency Preparedness  

  • The mission of City Schools of Decatur to challenge every student to succeed by providing a rigorous, engaging and authentic learning experience delivered by highly qualified, caring adults in safe and inviting schools. The purpose of this webpage is to provide parents, volunteers and visitors with information on district safety procedures and links to helpful information.

    Parents and guardians can feel confident each day that your child's school is a safe place to learn. The City Schools of Decatur’s plans for multiple types of emergencies in order to be prepared for any actual emergency situation. The CSD Safety Team, School Principals and School Resource Officers work to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff.

    Emergency Preparation plans include:

    • School and district safety plans and emergency response procedures are reviewed and updated each year.
    • Each staff member received safety training. 
    • Schools and District Leaders assign key staff members with roles and responsibilities to perform in emergencies.
    • Schools conduct required drills throughout the year to practice emergency procedures.

    City Schools of Decatur has been through a comprehensive school security assessment where our schools and district safety plans were assessed to identify the positive school safety procedures currently practiced, and to make recommendations for strengthening the district's safety, security and crisis preparedness. We continue to practice, evaluate and update our plans on a regular basis.


    Interested in learning more? Please be sure to check back regularly as we add more information to this page.

  • For more information about the safety and security of our schools, please contact: 

    Noel Maloof
    Executive Director of Operations
    404-371-3601 ext. 1027


    City Schools of Decatur's Central Office
    The Elizabeth Wilson School Support Center


    In the event of an actual emergency, we ask that parents keep the lines of communications clear for our schools, teachers, and staff. The district and/or school will share information via email, robocall and/or texts to parents’ emergency contact numbers. CSD will also post the most current information about the ongoing incident here: