Parent Portal

  • PLEASE NOTE: From June 1 until July 30, there will be limited information on the portal.  If you need any of the information from the portal that is not visible please contact your child's school and someone will assist you.



    What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

    The Infinite Campus Parent Portal is the district’s Student Information Program for parents, guardians, and students. In the Parent Portal, users will find district and school notices, attendance, schedule (and grades), assessments, contact preferences, and depending on the school more information may be found from teachers. The high school uses the portal for students to make elective course request for the following school year.

    To log into the portal, users are issued an Activation Key number (which is generated from the software) to create an account. With a photo ID, registrar's or administrative assistants at each school can issue this number. Once the Activation Key is accepted on the Parent Portal login page, the user can create a unique username and password.

    Click here to log into the portal.

    Below, find some screenshots of the major components of a Parent or Student login.

  •  When you click the parent portal link, you will be directed to a page where you will chose whether you are a parent or students. 

    Students will begin logging in here at Renfroe and at Decatur High School but Elementary children will not utilize this until 6th grade. 


    Campus Student or Parent screen


    As a parent, you will then see this login screen... Please enter your log in information here. 

    Parent log in



Opening Window of Parent Portal

Opening window of portal



Family Calendar View

Calendar View- Student Schedule

Gradebook View

Grade View

Changing/Updating Contact Information

  • Click here for instructions on how to change your contact information in the parent portal (Infinite Campus).how to change contact info