• After reading update below, please contact Assistant Activities and Athletic Director David Harbin with any questions you may have at your convenience.


    UPDATE: Renfroe Athletics, Activities and Clubs

    RMS and DHS athletics, athletics, activities, and clubs will be moving to the virtual environment. We will be working with coaches and activity sponsors to brainstorm ways to continue building teams and communities through online activities. We are well aware of the mental health benefits of such interactions, especially when they can be done in person, and do not make this decision lightly. Principals are working with their staff to brainstorm additional clubs and activities that we can offer virtually. We will provide details of such opportunities once they are set. At this time, all scheduled athletic events through September 25th are cancelled.  Mr. Thomas, CSD Athletics and Activities Director, will communicate if or when these games or meets will be made up later in the season.  


    Rationale: Virus transmission continues to be an issue in DeKalb County and surrounding areas. Our attempts to safely engage in various in-person activities have gone well, in that we have not had any known virus transmissions, but we have recognized that it is quite challenging for individuals to implement safety protocols with fidelity. Human nature is clearly something that will continue to be a challenge, but with virus levels and transmission in the state they are in our area, continuing with in-person activities is not the responsible course of action.


    It is unfortunate, but we are unable to consistently rely on data and recommendations we receive from government institutions charged with public health because those data and recommendations are being heavily influenced by politics rather than science. We will continue doing our best to distill the often conflicting information provided to us while we attempt to balance the risks of continuing virtually with the risks of meeting in person.


    Timeline: The decision to close and/or go virtual with programs will be re-evaluated by September 18th with the possibility of a different decision being implemented after September 25th.