COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee

  • The COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee (CSPC) was formed to capitalize on the enormous talent and expertise in the Decatur community. The CSPC will advise the school district on its response and plans related to COVID-19. Specific objectives will be completed through subcommittees in order to maximize and expedite the work of the committee.


    To ensure transparency with the full CSD community of stakeholders, this web page has been created to post information and work products from the CSPC. Minutes will be taken at each committee and subcommittee meeting and posted on this page. Any work products from the committee, including the final report, will also be posted on this page.

CSPC Subcommittee Members

  • Communications

    Role Name
    Leader Christine Sterne
    Secretary Jodi McGill
    Spokesperson Chad Wall
    Member Andrew Brock
    Member Margaret Ciccarelli
    Member Kerry Ludlam
    Member Hannah Rogers
    Member Ilene Zeff
    WC Liaison Courtney Burnett



    Role Name
    Leader Meagan Ferguson
    Secretary Peter Sahlstrom
    Spokesperson Carmen Sulton
    Member Emily Matheny
    Member Ruth Scott
    Member Laura Spriggs
    Member Julie King
    Member Kara Jacobs Slifka
    Member April Biagioni
    Member Suzy Plishka
    WC Liaison Adena Walker



    Role Name
    Leader Jessica Brown
    Secretary Dawn Durham
    Spokesperson David Howard
    Member Jenny Kennedy
    Member Heidi Whatley
    Member Kimmie Pringle
    Member Kathrine Tan
    Member Julie Gutman
    Member Sara Markowitz
    Member Jessica Doyle
    Member Chris Hsu
    Member Lisa Primack
    Member Ali Taylor-Walker
    WC Liaison Heidi Whatley



    Role Name
    Leader Sarah Collier
    Secretary Thanh Doan
    Spokesperson Kanika Sims
    Member Sarah Szlam
    Member Matt Hayner
    Member Tom Rasmussen
    Member Brian Vickery
    Member Vivi Siegel
    Member Heather Silver
    Member Deb Mook
    Member Bethel Dimaggio Ziesenitz
    WC Liaison Sergio Perez



    Role Name
    Leader Leah Humphries
    Secretary Misty Wilson
    Spokesperson William Sharp
    Member Julie Wordeman
    Member Tim Dignam
    Member Stacey Lucas
    Member Adam Lorentz
    Member India Epps
    WC Liaison Eston Melton



    Role Name
    Leader Jean-Jacques Credi
    Secretary Whitney Zygmont
    Spokesperson Holly Brookins
    Member Suzanne Miller
    Member Jeff Staton
    Member Frances Holt
    Member Michele Gootman
    Member Julie Gyuricza
    Member Anna Summerlin
    WC Co-Liaison  Kristy Beam
    WC Liaison Maggie Fehrman


    Virus Testing

    Role Name
    Leader Will Ratcliff
    Secretary Andi Shane
    Spokesperson Ben Lopman
    Member Kevin Delaney
    Member Rebecca Kolesky
    Member Kristy Campbell
    Member Nikki Llewellyn
    Member Alison Lowen
    Member Neena Ghose
    Member Carol Boender
    Member Cyndi Hatcher
    WC Liaison Lillie Huddleston