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  • Sign Up for Predictable Ryde!

    Predictable Ryde is CSD's new bus tracker.   

    If your child will ride the bus at any point this year, you must register with our Predictable Ryde Bus Tracker by following the steps below: 

    By registering for the Predictable Ryde Bus Tracker App, you are also submitting a Student Transportation Request. That can be done by completing this form:

    *Note even if you previously signed up for meals or book delivery during virtual learning, you still need to complete this form in order for your child to ride the bus.

    Instructions after Registering for Predictable Ryde's bus tracking app: 

    Hello Parents, 

    Thank you for signing up for CSD's New Predictable Ryde bus tracking app. Now that you have registered via the link above, there are three next steps you must take in order for this app to be the most efficient and effective for you.
    These next steps are: 
    1. Download app: see links below. 
    2. Add your zone/route. 
    3. Add an alert for when the bus is close to your specific stop. 
    Below you will find step-by-step instructions.
    *After you have downloaded the app, please be sure that push notifications are allowed from your predictable ryde app on your phone.  
    2. Add your Bus Route or Zone:
    • Once you receive an email from CSD's Transportation department informing you of your bus route, you can add that route to your app.
    • When in the "My Profile" section of the app, you will see "Your Bus Routes:" under your personal contact information in the Subscription Information column. 
    • Under that, you will see an Orange Button that reads " Add More Bus Routes" 
    • Please click that button and click the checkbox next to your Zone. Choose your Route number from that list. 
    • If you do not know which zone your home is located in, please contact Lowanda Bowman at 
    • Below is a snapshot of the list of five Zones/Routes. 
    3. Add an alert for when the bus is 100, 300, or 500 ft or even 1/4 a mile away from your stop.
    • When signed into your app or on the web version, click the "My Profile" section. 
    • Then at the bottom under Active Alerts, hit the orange "+Create New Alert" button. 
    • Then select your route, select your stop, and the proximity of when you would like to receive your alert. (Note: In Decatur, which is a small, urban district, we suggest you select one of the Close options, 1/4 mile alert proximity.)


    Without your child's student number and zones, we cannot match you with your proper route. In addition, if you do not set an alert you will not receive a notification that your bus is close to your stop. Instead, you would have to closely and continuously monitor the Predictable Ryde app to see when your bus is in close proximity to your stop. So please be sure to complete all four of these steps which will help make this app more useful for you. 

    Thank you for your assistance in making this app as effective and efficient as possible. Once this setup is complete you will be able to easily monitor your bus right from your own phone. 

    Lowanda Bowman and the CSD Transportation Department
  • CSD's transportation department is now using the Predictable Ryde Bus tracking app to track our buses.

    As we transition away from Meal and Book Delivery, and back to transporting our students to school and home, we are preparing to announce the process to register your student to ride the bus for the 2020-2021 school year which will begin for some students in January 2021. This information will be sent via email to parents and the full registration instructions will be posted here. Check back regularly for additional information. 

    In the meantime, you can go ahead and download the Bus Tracker app onto your phone. 

    Download the app onto your phone
    Tips for downloading the Predictable Ryde app on your Android device: 
      • Tip 1: Turn on “Allow Installation of apps from Unknown Sources”. 
        • Go into your settings, then search "install unknown apps" - it will bring up a list of apps where you can change the settings. Click the chrome app, and hit allow from this source. 
      • Tip 2: If you have already downloaded the installation file, delete and then redownload it. 
      • If you are still having trouble, please contact predictable ryde by calling 1 800-784-1747 or emailing