Bus Routes



    Bus pick-up and drop-off times are approximate. Route times are affected by changes in traffic patterns and ridership.  All bus schedules are subject to change during the school year. For more accurate bus route information go to the School and Route locator page.

    Updated bus routes are available each Friday; updates will take effect the following Monday. Please check your student's bus route weekly for updates.


    Please complete the following form below for your transportation needs. Student Transportation Registration Form

School Bus Routes 2021-2022


     To help assist in locating your route use the below list. The Area of Service is the area in which the bus travels.

    Route # Area of Service

    2001       Winnona Park 

    2002       All Areas

    2003       All Areas

    2004       All Areas

    2005       Winnona Park, Oakhurst, College Heights               

    2007       Winnona Park

    2008       Glennwood, College Heights                                        

    2009       Oakhurst, Westchester

    2010       Westchester, College Heights

    2011       Glennwood 

    2012       Clairemont, Westchester

    2013       Westchester

    2014       Clairemont, Westchester

    2015       Downtown Area, Glennwood                                

    1801       Downtown Area, Clairemont    


  • **Please be reminded that students should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. **

    The PM Stop time may vary slightly depending upon actual bus dismissal from the school.
    Thank you for your patience during the first weeks we are back in school, where buses may be late to stops due to heavier traffic and delays with loading and unloading students.

    For further information, contact the Transportation Department at 470-237-0368.




  • CSD Transportation Office

    Route Information or Requests

    540 Kentucky Street
    Scottdale, Georgia 30079
    470-237-0368 x 7609 or 7603
    470-237-0369 (Fax)