Bus Routes Information




    The Routes that are Posted are Reference Only:

    Subject to Change:


    In order to find your Route information:


       1.You have to register to ride the bus.


    2. Register on the Bus Parent Portal.


    * Registration for the bus helps us with ridership data.

    *Registering allows us to assign stops.

    *Registering allows us to communicate if there are any changes to the Routes.


    This information is found under Transportation Portal/ Here Comes the Bus.

    Don't hesitate to contact the Transportation Department. busplanner@csdecatur.net









  • **Please be reminded that students should be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. **

    The PM Stop time may vary slightly depending upon the actual bus dismissal from the school.
    Thank you for your patience during the first weeks we are back at school, where buses may be late to stops due to heavier traffic and delays with loading and unloading students.




  • CSD Transportation Office

    Route Information or Requests

    540 Kentucky Street
    Scottdale, Georgia 30079
    470-237-0368 x 7609 or 7603
    470-237-0369 (Fax)