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F.AVE Student Drop-Off and Pick-up

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    Arrival Procedures

    School hours are 7:45-2:15. Please note that instruction will begin promptly at 7:45 but students will need to take care of housekeeping items. The school news will start at 7:35. We recognize that mornings can be a struggle and we have an early start time but the transition to the school day is essential in helping students mentally to prepare for school.

    Car drop off & pick up  is on 5th Avenue in the horseshoe drive. Please enter 5th Avenue from Oakview. Drop off on Oakview is also allowed after 7:30. Do not park there prior to that time or in the afternoon (it is the bus lane)

    BUS SIGN UP  This is in addition to Pick Up Patrol and is required for students who plan to ride the school bus.


    Bus and car riders will be dismissed at 2:15 PM. 3rd grade bus riders will be dismissed a bit earlier than 4th & 5th bus riders. After the buses have all loaded, walkers and bike riders will be dismissed. 4th and 5th grade walkers and bike riders will be dismissed to the lower playground side of the school.

    3rd Grade Walkers: We require all 3rd grade walkers be picked up by an adult or older sibling  in the front of the school. Once we are further into the year, you can contact Shannon Stewart, Assistant Principal to request that your student be allowed to walk on their own.

    Getting students SAFELY to and from school is always a priority of the F.AVE staff and F.AVE families. 

    In order to be as safe as possible please be attentive to the following traffic guidelines and follow the directions of F.AVE staff who will help direct you (always keeping student safety first). 

    1. The easiest option for getting to and from school is to ride a CSD School Bus.
    2. Walking or Rolling is also a good option.
      • Use the horseshoe drive on Fifth Avenue - Make a RIGHT turn into the horseshoe and follow the directions of the staff.
      • Have your student's belongings together and ready to exit the car.
      • Pull as far forward as possible before your student exits the car.
      • Follow the directions of the staff and exit RIGHT out of the horseshoe.
      • Staff will ensure your student gets safely into the building.
      • 15 Minute spots in front of the building are NOT for student drop-off.


    • On the F.AVE side of Oakview Road AFTER buses have left the lane
    • Little Friendship Baptist Church (a block and a half south of F.AVE) drop off or park and walk
    • In the neighborhoods surrounding F.AVE - be courteous and careful in the neighborhood - do not block driveways or mailboxes