Meet Ms. Newton

  • newton at fave To Families of F.AVE

     It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the Principal of The 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue. I have served in a variety of roles in my educational career and am honored for the opportunity to transition into building leader here at F.AVE.  My most recent leadership role has been the IB coordinator for the 4/5 Academy since we began implementation of the Primary Years Programme in 2005.  Additionally, I’ve facilitated workshops and trainings for teacher and parent groups, provided instructional coaching, acted as elementary and middle  summer school coordinator, served as adjunct faculty at Agnes Scott College and had the awesome experience of being a classroom teacher-all within the City of Decatur.  Over the years, I’ve developed my expertise in grades 4 and 5, placing an emphasis in cultivating learners who are keenly aware of and responsive to global issues.  I am elated to bring my skills to the forefront as the leader for this school and to work with you as partners in education to ensure the success of your children.

     It really is hard to believe that I’ve been a part of City Schools of Decatur for almost 20 years. I began my career as a 4th grade teacher at Oakhurst Elementary in 1996 on the top floor of the sunny side of an unairconditioned building!  I still remember thinking, “How could we be just a few years away from a new millennium and not have air conditioning?”  As I adjusted to the heat, I watched how dedicated my colleagues were to the children despite the discomforts of the building.  I quickly learned that close relationships with families and community members were central to our work and that everyone called each other by their first names as a gesture of friendship, symbolic of the fact that we hold hands in this journey.  I came to understand that Decatur is a special and unique place where everyone-principals, teachers, parents, students, school community members-hold each other accountable for the education of all children.  It was apparent that I’d stumbled upon an awesome place to learn and grow as an educator.

     During the course of the year, it is my hope that we will continue to work together to create the same sense of friendship, community, and accountability in providing the children of F.AVE with the best possible educational opportunities. 

    Karen Newton