• So your child came home with questions? Many times children come to us with questions about the world around them and some are easier to respond to than others.  However, many times we don’t have to respond, we NEED to Listen first. 


    Continuing the conversation at home is important but can be daunting when the topics might feel uncomfortable as an adult. The goal is to increase students’ acceptance and understanding of differences, not impose our own beliefs. Exploring your own values and beliefs about these topics can be a helpful first step to prepare for challenging conversations while also creating safe space for our kids to share their thoughts.


    • First seek to understand by intentionally listening - be present and use the time to connect with your child 

    • Use simple, age appropriate language 

    • Validate your child's thoughts and feelings, even if they are unexpected

    • Approach the conversation with curiosity rather than judgment

    • Answer questions honestly in a developmentally appropriate way

    • Ask open ended questions such as:

      • What do you know about this topic already?

      • Tell me what you think about this topic?

      • How does this topic make you feel?

      • Do you know someone who has these same characteristics?

      • How are you alike or different from these characters?


    Our Westchester Library has so many books on topics that your child is asking at school and at home.  Please visit our website for book ideas and Ms. Nation will be sharing supportive texts as our lessons continue.  

    Helpful links

    A Kid’s Co is a book company about everything. The books are awesome and so is their blog- these are invaluable when you want to know more facts to explain to your child.