Course Request Information 2024-2025

  • Making Course Requests for the 2024-2025 School Year

    The First Day to make your Course Requests: January 16, 2024

    The Last Day to make your Course Requests for CURRENT CSD Students: January 23, 2024

  • General Information

    COURSE DESCRIPTIONSClicking this link will provide you with a description, prerequisites, the next course in the sequence, and measures of readiness for each course.  Click here to learn more from the CSD District Website!

    PERSONAL FITNESS WAIVER: Please review the information in this document if you are interested in applying for a Personal Fitness Waiver. The link to the application to apply for the waiver is contained within the informational document. NOTE: There is no waiver for health. Students will still need to take a .5 credit, one-semester Health course that will be paired with a Physical Education course (Team Sports or Physical Conditioning only).

    Course Request Timeline and Support Document: Click HERE 

      CTAE Options

      • See this presentation for brief descriptions of Career Academy Pathways.

        See the GOOGLE folder for more details about your Career Academy Options.

      Rising 9th Grade

      • For Beacon Hill Middle School students and families:

        Decatur High School is excited to welcome you, and we want to help you prepare for next year. One important part of that is setting up your courses for next year. Please click here for the Course Request Selection for rising 9th graders, where you will find information on:

        If you have questions about the information shared above you can use this form to submit questions. Mr. Johnson and Mrs.Q will gather the questions and respond with answers. If they cannot answer they will coordinate with DHS to find an answer or direct you to someone who can help.





      Rising 10th Grade

      Rising 12th Grade

      PE/Fine Arts/Gifted/Yearbook Electives

      • See this presentation for brief descriptions of PE/Fine Arts/Gifted/Yearbook Electives.

        See the GOOGLE folder for more details about your PE/Fine Arts/Gifted/Yearbook Electives.



      Dual Enrollment

      • For information about Dual Enrollment, please visit our website.