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    • When will I receive a call from the school nurse?
      When I know getting a call from me during the day is not what you want to receive, but rest assured, I want to keep the kids at school as much as you do.  Not all calls mean you have to pick up your child. I will not call on minor bumps and skin abrasions, bug bites or short visits to the clinic for stomach aches or cold symptoms.  I will always call you when your child has a major head bump or facial abrasions, however many times they do not need to go home. In addition, sometimes for our little ones, just hearing mom or dad’s voice is the TLC that is needed to make it through the day.

      When will I need to pick up my child from school due to illness? When is my child too sick for school?

        1. Fever at or greater than 100.0
        2. Vomiting 
        3. Diarrhea 
        4. Eye that appears bacterial, yellow crusting, oozing
        5. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose that affects the child’s ability to focus in class/disruptful cough
        6. Stomach ache that is not resolved with rest or bathroom and affects child’s ability to remain in class.
        7. Sprain or strain and child will not bear weight.
        8. Head bump accompanied with loss of consciousness, nausea/vomiting &/or headache.
        9. Laceration that needs to be assessed for sutures

      If a child is sent home in the middle of the day with fever, vomiting, diarrhea,  they cannot return to school the next day. Remember, 24 hours fever and symptom free!!! 
      * A parent reminder:  If you tell your child that you will pick them up if they don’t feel well,  9 times out of 10, you will receive a call within the first 2 hours of the school day! 

      What about medications?
      All medications must come to the clinic in their original container.  Prescription medications need the pharmacy label attached. A medication form needs to be filled out for any medication, even over-the-counter (OTC) meds, to be given at school.  Prescribed or over-the-counter medications brought in baggies, in unmarked containers or that are expired shall not be given. We do not provide OTC meds. 

      What if my student needs a special action plan?
      If your child has any medical action plan, ie:food allergy, seizure, diabetes, asthma, etc., a new action plan, signed by the physician, is required each year.  Please send in updated action plans asap.