5D Implementation

  • 5D Implementation

    To ensure that this strategic plan generates the promised student outcomes, district, and school leaders will follow the steps outlined in Building to Impact The 5D Implementation Playbook for Educators written by world-renowned educational improvement experts Arran Hamilton, Douglas Reeves, Janet Clinton, and John Hattie. Each phase, as outlined below, has an individualized timeline based on the initiative's scope. For example, some initiatives may need a full year in the discovery phase but progressing through the design phase could take more than a year. 

    D1: Discover - Identify goals worth pursuing above all else, build a theory of the present, and agree on what success looks like.

    D2: Design - Systematically examine the different options in the design space, selecting/designing a high-probability intervention, stress testing before launch, and developing a monitoring and evaluation plan. During this phase, we will also identify initiatives or programs we will STOP doing to make room for the new initiative or program.

    D3: Deliver - Put our agreed-upon interventions and initiatives into action while we collect and monitor evaluation data. When appropriate, CSD will implement pilot programs to determine if the intervention or initiative will result in the intended outcomes before we scale up the initiative district-wide.

    D4: Double-Back - Monitor and evaluate the delivery chain to decide where to go next in the 5D cycle. The data may necessitate moving forward to the next stage, or the data may cause us to go back to D1 to D2 or to stop the implementation altogether if the initiative or intervention isn’t working. 

    D5: Double-up - Decide if the intervention or initiative will continue to be implemented and maintained at the same level or enhanced or if the initiative or intervention is ready to scale up with sustainability across the district. 

    As the manager for each strategic accelerator progresses through the implementation phases, updates will be provided to the community and Board at our regularly scheduled strategic planning update meetings in the month listed below.