• In January 2022, the CSD Board of Education identified the development of a new strategic plan as essential. 

    On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rapidly evolving landscape of the 21st Century, we believed it to be crucial to seize this opportunity to reshape our schools to meet the needs of each student - all while supporting their social, emotional, and cognitive needs.


    This plan was developed over the course of a year with intentional inclusion of all stakeholder groups while centering historically marginalized voices throughout the process. School and district leadership helped lead these holistic and intentionally inclusive efforts.

    Three core beliefs focused the work:

    1. Whole Learner Development - CSD is committed to ensuring the social, emotional, cognitive growth, and mental health of each student. We also believe that our schools must unearth the gifts and talents of our students while adjusting to the needs of our students rather than forcing our students to adjust to the system. 

    2. No Learner Marginalized - When we say ALL, we mean ALL, with a deliberate focus on investing in students of color who have been historically marginalized the most. CSD will serve as a national model for anti-marginalization and systemic equity. 

    3. Future Driven - CSD recognizes that the current school model was born out of the 20th Century industrial education model and that those practices and skills need to be updated. We continually ask, Are we preparing students for “our past” or “their future?”