The DHS Course Request Season Schedule and Information


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    On the first part of this page, you will find information about all courses and programs for the 2021-2022 school year. Families and students should scroll further down to see grade-level specific information to assist in making scheduling decisions.

    COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Clicking this link will provide you with a description, prerequisites, the next course in the sequence, and measures of readiness for each course.

    PERSONAL FITNESS WAIVER: Please review the information in this document if you are interested in applying for a Personal Fitness Waiver. The link to the application to apply for the waiver is contained within the informational document. NOTE: There is no waiver for Health. Students will still need to take a .5 credit, one semester, Health course that will be paired with a Physical Education course (Team Sports or Physical Conditioning only).

    What’s happening the next few weeks - Letter to families

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