Planning Team

  • The Planning Team, facilitated by GSBA and the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI), was charged with focusing on the essential questions: Who Are We? Where Are We Now? Where Do We Want To Go?

    This team – made up of about 54 people representing district leaders, teachers, principals, classified staff, community members, parents, students, local business leaders, and two board members – used information, including the data collected through the input session, survey, and achievement data, to answer the essential questions and draft the strategic plan goal areas.

Planning Team

  • Team Members

    CSD Team Members


    Community Team Members

    Curtis Armour


    Andrea Arnold

    Mari Ann Banks


    TJ Bennett

    Kristy Beam


    Kelly Brooks

    Lowanda Bowman


    Susan Camp

    Courtney Burnett


    Evan Coltrane

    Kevin Champion


    Lisa Coronado

    Cindy Clark


    Phillip Cuffey

    Crystal Evans


    Mark Ethun

    Jillian Farley


    Doug Faust

    Maggie Fehrman


    Alana Gilbert

    Cloe Foster


    Elizabeth Hogan

    James Herndon


    Leah Humphries

    Frances Holt


    Rodney Johnson

    Lillie Huddleston


    Aichuan Kwong

    Jana Johnson-Davis


    Gordon Lichtstein

    Stacey Kenner


    Claire Miller

    Rochelle Lofstrand


    Deborah Mitchell

    Erynn Matthews-Davis


    Kunle Oguneye

    Karen Newton-Scott


    Scott Richards

    Julie Parker


    Ayanna Robinson

    Graham Perriera


    Gwen Shaw

    Duane Sprull


    Christa Sobon

    Derrick Thomas


    Courtney Sollie

    Rodney Thomas


    Tiffany Tesfamichael

    Robyn Tibbetts


    Heather Tell

    Adena Walker


    Adam Wilcox

    Willie Washington


    Cheree Williams