Funding Process

  • GA Futures

    Four Big Ideas:

    1. The State of Georgia will pay for 30 semester hours (Typically about 10 classes)
    2. A student can get up to 2 strikes
      • Strike 1=failing a class
      • Strike 2=withdrawing
      • Once a student has 2 strikes, the State of Georgia no longer pays for DE
      • The State of Georgia will not fund a student to retake a failed or withdrawn course
    3. The State of Georgia will pay for tuition, mandatory fees, and required books. The State will NOT pay for things like lab equipment, welding supplies, or software needed on computers.
    4. Remember to look HERE at the Georgia Futures course directory to ensure the State of Georgia pays for your classes. The classes paid for are ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Langauge, and CTAE. The State of Georgia does NOT pay for Arts classes.

    For more funding information, please see the Georgia Futures Website.