• Applying for Dual Enrollment

    1. Watch the DHS Dual Enrollment Presentation

    2. Apply to the college/university 

    • Follow their directions very carefully

    • Register, take, and submit your  SAT/ACT scores if required by your college 

    • Select Dual Enrollment/High School Student on the application (Not Freshman)

    • Check the email you provided to the college/university frequently and once you are accepted check college/university email frequently 

    • Complete the GA Futures Application 

    • Video tutorial

    1. Have your parent/guardian check their email and complete the GA Futures Parent Agreement 

    2. Review the Dual Enrollment Course Directory to select courses

    3. Fill out the DHS Dual Enrollment Course Registration 

    4. Attend the Dual Enrollment Orientation with the college/university (usually in the summer) 

    5. Submit your course requests to your college/university per their guidelines.

    Note: If taking math, a student needs to meet the college math requirements

    **Students need to complete this list at least one month BEFORE the college deadline so DHS can complete its part.**