• Why should I join?/ What can SkillsUSA do for me?

    • SkillsUSA is the only national organization designed exclusively for students preparing for technical, skilled and service careers, including health careers. It is the student’s professional organization. It offers the opportunity for prestige and recognition, and it is the only national organization working full time to create good public attitudes for this specific group of students. 
    • SkillsUSA is an essential part of career and technical education. It provides the opportunity to develop technical, academic and employability skills, and it makes career and technical education more relevant to the demands of the work force. Education, labor and management organizations recognize SkillsUSA important role in the total development of students training for technical, skilled and service careers. 
    • SkillsUSA offers opportunities for competitive events and awards from the local to international levels. 
    • SkillsUSA promotes the involvement of business, industry and labor in career and technical education for better training and employment opportunities.