Services Provided

  • I spend most of my time providing classroom guidance to the students at Oakhurst. I focus on topics such as the healthy expression of feelings, conflict resolution skills and personal safety. I also lead activities that teach students what our EL Design Principles really mean and how we can embrace and demonstrate them in our interactions with others. In addition, I work with small groups of students, often pairing with our ESS teachers, on topics such as social skills, grief and loss, and overcoming school-related worries. I occasionally provide short-term, one-on-one counseling to students and I’m happy to provide parents with information about mental health professionals in our community when more long-term support is needed.

    Last but not least, I consult with parents and staff members on a regular basis and I’m the 504 Coordinator for Oakhurst. I serve on the district’s Wellness Committee and I’m always interested in your input about topics related to physical and mental health.