Health and Physical Education Overview

  • Physical Education Mission
    Our mission is to provide students with opportunities and experiences in a student-centered environment for success in the development of physical, emotional, and social skills in order to build a foundation for lifetime physical health and wellness.

    Physical Education Vision
    Students will build a foundation of skills, knowledge, fitness, emotional and social skills, and pursue lifelong activities that enhance their physical, emotional, and social well-being. 

    We believe that physical education:

    • Serves as an integral component in the educational process of the whole child. 
    • Is based upon the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that are the foundation for engaging in lifelong physical activity. 
    • Is a well-planned, sequential, and developmentally and age-appropriate educational program that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. 
    • Is based on physical activities performed in an active, caring, and supportive atmosphere in which every student is challenged and successful. 
    • Provides students with disabilities a learning environment that is modified, when necessary, to allow for maximum participation. 
    • Accounts for the differences in ability, interests and emotions, strengths and weaknesses of students and will provide an environment in which optimal lifelong development can take place. 
    • Should allow students to develop a lifelong commitment to their own physical well-being, health, and fitness, with a clear emphasis on fun, lifelong physical activities. 
    • Provides each student with the opportunity to become a responsible, confident, competent, and independent decision-maker that will allow students to lead a positive, healthy, and active life.

    K-12 Physical Education Standards of Excellence

    GA Fitnessgram Assessment

    K-12 Health Standards of Excellence