COVID-19 Testing

  • CSD provides COVID-19 testing as a key part of our mitigation efforts. Our comprehensive testing program provides point-of-care rapid antigen testing and weekly testing to detect the presence of COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals. All testing is provided free of charge to students, and signed consent is required. 

    Point-of-care COVID-19 testing is offered in the school health clinics at each school. These tests are offered to students who develop symptoms related to COVID-19 during the school day. In addition, they may be offered to students who are determined to be close contacts to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19.

    Weekly COVID-19 tests are offered through an opt-in program through a partnership with the Georgia Department of Health. These tests are provided to screen students and staff without symptoms for COVID-19. In the event that a student tests positive, their parents are notified, and a PCR test will be administered to confirm their diagnosis. Consent is required to participate in this program.

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