• Our schedule for the 2022-2023 school year includes some new components including Advisement twice a week in order to build community within our school and WIN (What I Need) time.  Here is some background information about the why and the how of WIN time.
    The Why of WIN Time:
    • Students have numerous competing academic and extracurricular interests
      • Make-up work
      • Academic support
      • Sports, clubs, etc.
      • Theory of Knowledge
      • Personal and Professional skills
    • Success of spring advisement support program
    • Let’s bring as much of the academic work inside the school day as possible!
    The What of WIN Time:
    • MTSS Tier 2 and Tier 3 Interventions
    • Theory of Knowledge and Personal and Professional Skills
    • Study time
    • Make-up assessments

    Schedule Changes for 2022-2023
    Week of August 1st
    • Monday - no students
    • Tuesday - even block day
    • Wednesday - odd block day
    • Thursday - even block day
    • Friday - odd block day
    Week of Sept. 5
    • Monday - no school
    • Tuesday - even block day
    • Wednesday - odd block day
    • Thursday - even block day
    • Friday - odd block day
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