School Social Work

  • School social workers serve as a link between the home, school, and community. We are a vital part of the total educational process by helping students and parents obtain the help and resources available to achieve their goals. School social workers collaborate with school psychologists, teachers, and the entire educational staff to remove barriers to academic success. We work with community agencies to provide tools for students and their families to function and be productive in every phase of school and social life. School social workers work to ensure that students remain in school and graduate, reach their fullest academic potential, and grow socially and emotionally. As part of the educational team, social workers support students’ thriving in schools and in life by removing barriers that interfere with their performance. 


    School social work coordinated services include, but are not limited to:



    School Needs Assessment
    Mental Health Wraparound support
    RTI/SST/IEP Consultation/Participation
    Teacher & Staff Workshops Training
    Crisis Intervention
    Students/Individual & Group Counseling
    Risk Assessment Services
    Crisis & Grief Counseling Services
    Home Visits
    Attendance Monitoring & Support



    Coordinate Delivery of Child-Welfare Services
    Homeless Education Support
    Resource Referrals
    Mental Health
    Economic Aid



    Program Development
    Community Partnerships
    Wraparound Planning
    Identify and Mobilize Resources
    Identify & Foster Protective Factors

School Social Work Team

School Social Work Team

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