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    School Supply Orders

    If you ordered school supplies through PTA, they will be delivered directly to the school and the GL PTA will sort and deliver the goods to classrooms. You don’t need to do anything to ensure their delivery (except volunteer with the PTA)! If you need to purchase school supplies, please find the requested lists here. If purchasing the supplies on your own they can be brought to school during the Meet and Greet or any day the first week of school. We never want any of our families to feel burdened by school supplies, so if this places an undue burden on your family, please do not feel the need to purchase. We will always ensure that all of our students have adequate supplies.


    School Supply Swap

    If you have new or gently used school supplies you would like to donate or swap, GL PTA is hosting their first ever School Supply Swap in front of the school on Saturday, July 23 from 9:30am-11:00am. You can pick up or swap school supplies then or to donate in advance prior to Saturday, there are two drop off locations:

    • 213 Mt. Vernon Drive

    • 209 Lockwood Terrace

    Questions? Email Communications Chair Nydia Almond nialmond05@gmail.com