• Carpool:

    • Drop-off begins at 8:00.
    • Please pull up to the curb going north on Avery.
    • Carpool traffic should head north on Avery, with feed in lines at Kirk and Bucher.
    • Drop-off students directly in front of the school at one of our three unloading stations.
    • WP Staff will assist students with opening doors and unloading as needed.
    • Parents/guardians: Please stay in your car.
    • All carpool students should enter through the front door of the building where we have monitors ensuring their safe arrival in their classroom.


    • Passing other cars in the carpool line.
    • Making U-turns on Avery.
    • Turning around in driveways.
    • Leaving your car unattended.
    • Dropping your students off before 8:00.
    • Parking within 2 blocks of the school.
    • Joining the carpool line at Inman/Avery.
    • Blocking the crosswalk.


    Joining the carpool line:

    Join the morning carpool line off of Bucher or Kirk and not Inman.

    Carpool Line